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Detox = releasing things that weigh you down mentally, literally, emotionally, spiritually and replacing it with things that nurture and enliven you. Detoxing is very personal. Detox is the art of letting go as well as the art of living. Detoxing creates a space that naturally beckons the deeper aspects of our self to surface. And from this place there are no words to describe what happens next.

Due to it’s limitless scope, detoxing can be used to release bad habits of any nature, not just the dietary ones we automatically think of when we hear the word “detox”. It can also be a vehicle we take to refine our sensitivities and deepen our understanding of Reality/Nature/Self. It’s the “Less Is More” doctrine.

Consider the constellation that makes up your life. This may include a partner, children, career/business, garden, hobbies, pets, relatives, friends, home and more. You are influenced by all of these parts of your life. Now pretend your constellation is a car and that the fuel system is your career. If your fuel system is flawed it obviously effects the car. The driver immediately knows something is off because the car is chugging. However, if your career is amiss the signs may not be as obvious. Often we miss them all together. Maybe it is your anxiety or low thyroid count or PMS that is telling you that you and your career are not lining up. Or maybe you are not lining up with your self. Or your partner. Or your life. Maybe you are simply exhausted? Maybe you feel like Knight Rider is driving your car instead of you. Note: things do not go wrong for no reason. We do not live in a vacuum. Our PMS, our arthritis, our relationships all have a context. That context is the constellation of us. There are reasons these things are going on inside our mind, body or spirit. You cannot separate the parts from the whole. Everything on Earth by design is connected. This is simple science. Our mind, cells, hormones etc. are responding to the conditions of our life.


If you already eat a doshically-balanced whole foods diet, while sitting down in a stress free environment at the same time everyday and chewing your food well then you can also ponder these questions:

  • are you getting enough sleep? when you arise are you refreshed? are you getting to sleep at a decent time? If not this is something to refine during a detox.
  • do i have self-discipline? am i doing what i know needs to be done?
  • do you eat while doing anything other than relaxing? Consider making this a priority.
  • do you wait till you are starving to eat and then eat things you wish you didnt? Here you would make a menu of what you are going to eat for the given time frame of the detox. Go purchase/harvest those food items. Prepare your meals the evening before (perhaps cutting all the veggies and measuring out portions of items or simply place everything on the counter) Then in the morning you can prepare your meals for the day.
  • do you have enough time to eat well? Get a crock pot. Put the food items in it the night before and the next day you have a home cooked meal! Do this as a detox! Not only are you removing the dreaded “not enough time stress” (the worst!) you are simplifying your life, removing stress and nourishing yourself in the process.
  • perhaps you need to detox busyness. Say “no” to superfluous activity~all of it~and create more space in your daily routine for nothingness. Lay on the Mother and watch clouds; feel the sun penetrate your body and melt your mind. It may be you who is keeping you busy or it may be another person/s. If it is the latter, have a conversation before hand to inform your circle that you are taking 8 precious days out of 365 to care and focus on yourself. Period. No one can guide your life but you.
  • maybe you want more heart-centered conversations/connections with your loved ones. This requires you to be be grounded in your heart. This requires you to be in your feeling body. This may require turning off all media after 6 pm and getting the games out of the closet or doing a vision board together. Make a family journal that everyone gets to write or draw into for a month.
  • Maybe you have a stressful life. Your relationship with Life is hard. Stress=cortisol and adrenaline. These two hormones produce free radicals (and they are not as great as they sound. they should really be called something else!-:) and they give rise to inflammation. Stress is very acidic folks-more than coffee and alcohol. Letting go of the things that stress us shifts our chemistry to live longer quality lives!


Many ancient cultures took intentional pauses-breaks from the mundane. Can you imagine how good it would feel if everyone in this country took a month to chill out and re~center?! Imagine a whole bunch of people taking a break together?!  Lent, Ramadan, Yom Kippur, and Vision Questing are all versions of this. This serves us in immeasurable ways. It also makes it way easier to realize a habit and break it while it is small.  When we deliberately and regularly carve out space in our lives to refocus our awareness inward we are instantly connecting to the things that make us, us. From this space we can get behind what we feel called to do. And maybe we might even begin to enjoy Life. If you think about it, nothing squelches Life like having one you don’t want to be in. Science tells us that if we live a life we love we, without trying, we naturally create more Love. Amazing right! This is a practice (read: process) and one that is “for your steps alone”.  When the winds of change blow they can lift us out of our practice. And again this is why Ayurveda not only has seasonal practices (ritucharya) that keep us anchored to what matters most, but daily practices (dinacharya) as well. Because we all get lost at some point!

Just a reminder that our historical medical books did not reflect the high numbers of chronic fatigue syndrome, ADD, bipolar disorder or the high numbers of stress related diseases that we have today. Statistics say 80% of all illness today has it’s root in stress. Maybe our ancestors have some things to teach us about detoxing?


1. Get clear about what is working and what is not. Take a piece of paper. Write a line down the middle of it and on one side write down the things that work and on the other write what doesn’t. Keep it simple. This isn’t rocket science.

2. What do you need from yourself to feel great on a day to day basis.

3. What do you do in your daily life that nurtures you.

4. What stresses you out?

Be clear with these answers and clarity you’ll get. Be simple and the answers will be easy.  IE: you get what you give.