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Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans. ~ John Lennon

What do you mean when you say lifestyle? Our lifestyle is the way we set up our day and our days are what comprise our life. What we do on a regular basis influences our mind and our mind shapes our brain. The inverse is also true.   Ayurveda & Yoga offers us practices that are practiced daily and seasonally.  These routines are a tried and true way to diminish suffering and support harmony. Long term practice of supportive behavior builds stability within the body, mind and emotional being.

We can compare our thoughts to our lifestyle choices.
Who could have imagined our thoughts, these regular yet fleeting and invisible things, could be so powerful? Yet, now science can measure what sages of yore have always known; thoughts can and do become matter. Our lifestyle choices are similar. Everyday we wake up, we poop and pee, clean ourselves and feed ourselves, perhaps we work and take care of children, and maybe we engage in activities that bring meaning to our lives and then we go to bed. Ayurveda teaches us how to set up our day because our days blend to become our life. Our thoughts do become matter if we regularly think them and our behaviors or actions can become habits if we repeat them and our habits become our life.

The impact of a healthy lifestyle can be hard to grok when we are younger. And often times our lifestyle just kind of happens without us consciously choosing it. Maybe we don’t really think about when we are going to eat or sleep, we just do it when we remember to. Maybe we don’t exercise until we’ve gained 50 extra pounds. Maybe we do not consider conscious relaxation until we experience a panic attack at work. Perhaps we think it is normal to not sleep soundly because no one else does. In the same vein, it is unimaginable to feel the bodily sensations of a person who has practiced yoga for 30 years. It is nearly impossible to comprehend the impact a regular meditation practice has unless you have one. We are unable to comprehend the impact something done, or not done, over the course of decades can have on the quality of our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits. But i rest in the fact that our ancestors have already mastered how to go with the flow of Life. It is a relief that we have these God-given practices that have remained over the course of time.