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This is a blog I wrote for one of my teachers, Francisco Kaiut.

To check out his website:    https://kaiutyogainternational.com/


As a yoga practitioner and teacher I think it’s helpful to remember that our physical body houses not only tissues but, emotions, thoughts and spirit. Another way to put it is we have four bodies- a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body existing under one roof! Looking at the physical structure in this light may help to explain the results that come from a good practice.


How could it be that 1 hour of yoga can warrant 2 hours of nap time?

Why is it my hip had to hurt (for months) to feel better?

Why can I perform the same sequence at two different times and experience two completely different responses? Perhaps the first time the sequence prompted me  to bawl my eyes out whereas the next time I was left with a quiet alertness.

How can it be that with the increase of mobility in my pelvis I experienced an old karma release?


All these experiences can happen under one roof because of the multidimensional nature of being human.  I think more often than not people show up to a yoga class thinking they are going to take care of their physical body. And that is true, partly. Consider that what we do to one part of ourselves reflects throughout the entire organism. It’s not just your mouth that  eats a carrot, your whole self eats, digests, becomes, a carrot. It’s not just the uterus that grows a baby, it’s the entire organism. And so it is with yoga.

Last winter I took a multi week training with one of my teachers, Francisco. I felt reliably  healthy and grateful that it was my turn to let go and receive a fat dose of therapy.

And let go I did.

Several days into training and I swelled with toxins that came out of no where. Flu-like symptoms are rare for me, I am not without fragile human weakness but illness is not how I usually express my weakness. Yet here I was in bed ill while my teacher who lives in a different hemisphere is 10 miles from me…teaching…yoga…Waaah! The usual culprit of illness; stress, poor diet/ lifestyle choices were not what brought me to this point.

It was a releasing of my subconscious from my connective tissue. Why now? I felt safe resting into my teacher’s care so  much so  that I dropped into my being enough to purge some old…stuff. I am a seasonal cleanser so when I say old, I mean old.

The original intention, to care for our physical body by taking a yoga class, can and will extend it’s infinite healing potential to all aspects of our being. Perhaps this is tied into why yoga was never meant to be done without a teacher as a committed practice guarantees you a “house cleaning”.

It is my intention to offer this information so that when you as a yoga practitioner go through such an experience you can flow with the release and not resist it by placing judgement on the practice. Having this awareness may help you in the future if and when a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual release happens.  Allow yoga to reveal to you what is hidden and understand for yourself why yoga allays suffering and creates freedom.