“The deeper your Self-realization, the more you influence the whole universe by your subtle vibrations and the less you are affected by the phenomenal flux.” 

-Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri-


The style of yoga I teach is Kaiut and is similar to classical Hatha. With each class taught I consider the season, communal health, political climate etc. No class is ever the same and each participant receives customized care every step of the way. Kaiut’s style is very therapeutic as it penetrates the tissues, mind and spirit of the practitioner.
I want to let you in on a secret that many of us do not know, the potential of yoga is Infinite.

Even though we use our bodies, yoga is not a physical exercise. It’s a tool you can use to increase the quality and quantity of your life. Yoga is able to purge the physical body of stored tension/illness/trauma from our body and, it is also able to purge psychological stress that is, unknowingly, stored in our physical bodies. Many of us have had the experience that a stressful experience led us to head aches or back pain. We understand that there is a relationship between stress levels and how our body feels because we remember that when we had anxiety during our divorce, it came with a tightness in our chest and a constriction in our breath. Yet, the impact that stress has on us is not being talked about in its entirety. We intellectualize the ramifications of stress in a “it’s out there” sort of a way and we are not fully understanding the real impact of stress in our particular body/mind/spirit. It’s hard to measure how our loneliness or anxiety or criticism is affecting our bodily state or our quality of life. We know in the case of anxiety, it is adversely affecting our ability to be social but, as lay people we do not yet understand how anxiety affects the health of our body, mind and spirit and then in turn, how that affects the quality of our life. Mostly we just know we are suffering. There is a very real biological reason that stress increases pain levels and decreases quality of life. The neural networks that enable us to feel a broken bone are the same networks that light up when we are shunned by a loved one. It’s no different to the brain if you were hurt socially, emotionally or physically, it releases the same chemicals. And honestly, yoga doesn’t need to know what the original insult was, because no matter what it is, yoga can support and rehabilitate the body and mind, and clear the memory from the nervous system.

There are very few things i revere as much as yoga.



Private sessions are available

New Student Pass: 25$ for 5 classes (expires in a month from purchase)

Drop in: 15$

10 class card  128$ (expires in 5 mos)

27 class card 300$  (expires in 5 mos)

100 class card  1000$ (expires in 9 mos)

All classes are held at:

North Fork Karate Studio

311 2nd St. Paonia 81428